About Canada

Cities: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver, Whistler Quebee, Ottava, Canadian Rockies, YukonNova Scotia and Halifax.

Wages: $10.96 to $ 14
Scope:Good producing sector, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas construction, manufacturing, services-producing sector, professional scientific and technical services, educational services, health care and social assistance.

Planning to visit Canada on a vacation? Well it is the most scenic and friendly place out there. This is why millions of people from all over the world visit Canada during the holiday seasons! Not just this, their tourist visa is also extremely visitor-friendly and affordable.

The Processing Period

The processing time starts right after you submit the application and can be expected to be completed within a maximum of 13days. Though there are certain things that can have an impact on it

  • Completion of the application
  • Type of the application
  • Verification of information
  • Response time of applicant

The tourist visa allows you to stay in Canada asa visitor till 6months but to get your hands on that visa you must meet these following criteria

  • Be completely healthy
  • Absence of immigration related or criminal conviction records
  • Possess valid travel documents
  • Proof of job/ assets/home/family in your native country
  • Proof of leaving Canada after the end of the stay
  • Proof of enough money to cover your expenses during the stay
  • Medical exam that proves your health conditions
  • A letter of invitation sent by someone in Canada

The essential documents

If you meet all these criteria then you can expecta smooth processing of your documents. Now lets’ take a look at the documents that you will need to submit for a visitor visa in Canada.

Identity proof

  • Passport
  • 3 matte finish photographs
  • Marriage certificate
  • Address proof

Proof of employment

  • Offer letter/ NOC letter/ appointment letter
  • Employee ID
  • Salary slip
  • Shop act/ deed/ MOA for self employed individuals

Purpose of visit

A detailed letter that explains the purpose of visit, your authenticity, your reason for going home before the expiration of the visa.

Proof of finance

  • Bank statements of past six months
  • Past 3 years income tax returns

Additional documents

  • Hotel booking details
  • Everyday tour itinerary
  • Air tickets
  • Proof of retirement for retired personnel
  • School/college identity card for students
  • NSC, PPF, Shares, FD or property papers

Even though all these documents will get the job done there are numerous other aspects that you need to take care of before you get your tourist visa. So its best to let the professionals handle these legalities while you relaxand get ready for the vacation of your dreams

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