Millions of people worldwide keep visiting Canada for job as well as business purposes throughout the year. But it can be quite hard to stay in an unknown country without a family for years. Thisis why Canada has much easier visa regulations for family visa.

Any citizen of Canada with a PR can easily sponsor their spouse, dependent children and parents for visiting Canada as long as he/she is above 18 years. Not just this, there is another criteria that must be met by any one willing to sponsor his/her family in Canada which is financial stability. He/she must have sufficient funds to cover all the expenses of the stay.

For spouse

While these were the general requirements for sponsoring family in Canada, thereare few other specific requirements for all those who wish to sponsor their spouse.

  • Spouse should be above 18 years
  • Both must be legally married
  • In case the marriage was in Canada they will have to provide a marriage certificate
  • Medically fit
  • No record of any criminal offense

For dependent children

If you have a childand would wish to sponsor him/her hereare the few things that you must consider

  • The child must be unmarried as well as below the age of 22
  • If the child is above 22 years he/she must be studying full time for which they can claim to be dependent on the parents financially.
  • If the child is above the age of 22 he/she can claim to be dependent on the parents due to any physical or mental condition.

So you see, sponsoring your family can be quite a bit of a task even if you hold a PR or are a citizen of Canada. This is why it is best to sit back and relax while the professionals take care of everything! Just give us a call at globalresettlementopportunities today!

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