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CITIES: Istanbul(Turkey), Moscow(Russia), London(England), St.petersburg(Russia), Ankara(Turkey), Berlin(Germany), Madrid(Spain), Rome(Italy), Kiell(Ukrain), Paris(France), Vienna(Austria), Budpest(Hungry), Prague(Czech republic).
Wages: 5.90 pounds to 7.83 pounds
Scope: healthcare, human resurse, social media monitoring, finance, political affairs, information and communication technology, chartered account, tourism.

Tourist Visa

If we ever think of any tourist destination, then the first place that hits our mind is a beautiful place in Europe. The climate and scenic beauty of the place tend to be attracting more and more people with each passing day. But the place also demands a lot of requirements from the tourists that are wishing to visit the site.

The major requirements for Visa Application to Europe

Although there are various requirements for the application of the visa to Europe, the significant requirement being,

  1. The complete filled up visa application form should be taken a print out of and correctly filled with having your signature at the end of the application form.
  2. The documents also include two recent photographs taken within the last three months of applying.
  3. A valid passport is required for applying for the visa. The passport should have been issued within ten years of applying for the visa and should be carrying at least three months of validation after the commencement of your trip.
  4. Proof of accommodation should be attached to the application that shows the details of your stay during the visit. The evidence of accommodation shall include the invitation letter from the hotel carrying your name or the booking details of the hotel.
  5. The traveler should have a valid health insurance on his name during the course of travel.
  6. The documents also include the presence of the traveling details. The booking details of the round trip should be attached to the document.
  7. You should include the proof of your employment details in the document in the form of income tax return, leave grant status from your employer, and other details.
  8. You should also provide the residential proof of the country you are residing, in the form of any official proofs that the government has allotted to you.

Europe has always been the hunting ground of travelers as well as investors and is expected to be so in the future also. So if you are planning on visiting the place anytime soon, give us a call today!

Investor Visa

Europe is a continent that houses numerous tourist spots and a huge amount of history. Apart from this, the county is home to some well-known cities. The best thing is, with time, it has created a lot of opportunities for immigrants to travel to Europe and start their own businesses to support the country’s economy.
Investor visa lets the entrepreneurs and investors of other countries get a second residence in Europe. Depending on the investment type and the origin of the country; investors can obtain permanent residence, temporary residence, or citizenship. The thing that has made the European countries a perfect palace for the investment migration is the factor of mobility which the citizenship and residence offer.

Where are the investor visas available?

Most of the investor visa programs are available within the European Union. There are some other programs through which you can obtain your Europe residence permit by making an investment, bur Investors visa applies to the programs only found in Europe that lead to the ways to get permanent citizenship.

Understanding the different investment option

When it comes to getting investor passport, it is crucial to understand your options under the citizenship by investment. So, some of the possibilities for investment are:

1. Real estate investment

Here you need to invest in residential or commercial properties. You can invest in three different categories, such as shared ownership, total ownership or lease for a certain period of time.

2. Government bond

You can also invest in European govt bonds to obtain your permanent residence or European citizenship. However, here the minimum holding period is set by the government to five years.

3. Business enterprise

With this option, you can expand your business to Europe. However, it requires investors to create employment opportunities in the country. You can even go for shared ownership under such investment.
Cyprus and Malta are the two best choices for most of the immigrants. So, understand the eligibility criteria and obtain your investor visa now with the assistance of our experts!

Student Visa

Europe has always been in the news for being one of the most scenic places. Not just its beauty is known to the world; its importance in the world is no less. The continent tends to be having a heavenly atmosphere, and the beautiful geography adds to its charm. Europe has also been famous for its education system and the quality of education it provides. Most of the oldest and famous universities are found at this place, which makes it the first choice of most students. For getting a student visa to Europe, many procedures are to be followed.

The requirements for applying for Student Visa in Europe

The primary requirements include,

  1. You need to have two visa application forms that should be fully filled with all your correct details. The print out of it should be taken out and signed at the end.
  2. Two identical passport size photographs are required of the recent times.
  3. You should possess a valid passport that has been issued within the last ten years of the journey to begin and should have at least three-month validity left after the end of the journey.
  4. A copy of the biometric data of the passport should be provided.
  5. If you are in possession of any previous passport, then it should be tied together but not stapled.
  6. A proof of your residence should be attached to the documents that have been provided by the government of the place that you are the original resident of.
  7. The traveler should have proper travel medical insurance.
  8. You should have an official and signed letter from the university that you are seeking your degree from. The letter should have the details of your course of study, the letter should have your name mentioned, and the length of the course should be mentioned.
  9. And most importantly, you should have the details of the paid visa fee.

Europe is said to be the home to countless foreign students. So if you want to be a part of it too, our experts can assist you with even the most complex visa procedures!

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