About Cyprus

Cities: Nicosia (north and south), Limassol, Strovolos, Larnaca, Famagusta, Lakatamia, Kyrenia, Paphos, Kato Polemidhia, Aglandjia
Wages: 924.00 euros

Scope: Economists, Teaching, pharmacists, financial and insurance, dentists, trade professionals, accounting professionals, legal professionals, building caretakers, ICT installers and services, childcare workers, transport clerks, chefs.

All about Cyprus tourist Visa requirements

Cyprus is a hugely popular place among travel enthusiasts. Being an island nation, it is obvious to be enriched with natural beauty. At the same time, it provides abundant modern artificial tourist destinations as well. What makes it such a popular choice among travellers, is the fact that, the place is absolutely safe to be traveled with the entire family.
Following documents are required for Cyprus Tourist visa.

Air ticket

One needs to submit the air ticket that is already confirmed for the entire round of the tour. There should be clear information about your travel tenure and return date.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should have validation for a period longer than you spend in the concerned area. At least, it should be valid for three to ten days more from the date of arrival at the native nation. Moreover, the insurance must be having clear mentions about the concerned applicant, and the same should match with the passport. It is strictly impossible to travel to Cyprus without travel insurance. This is essential for both short term visits and long term visits.

Covering letter

It is essential for an applicant to provide a cover letter with the application, meeting the specified guidelines as discussed below.
The cover letter should provide additional details as well, in accordance with the request of the Consular. It (the cover letter) should specify the details of the accommodation of the concerned applicant. There should be mention about a person who will be responsible for affording the entire cost during the tour; however, this is not required for those traveling alone.
The covering letter must clearly define the relationship of the applicant with the other travelers accompanying him/her; it’s not required for solo travelers. It should clearly mention about the purpose of the concerned traveler behind visiting Cyprus. There should be a clear mention of the dates of travel, and it should meet well with the details provided with the invitation letter and with the flight tickets. Every detail should be exactly the same as per the passport.
So you see, how complex it can be! Don’t worry, let our experts take care of all the paperwork while you sit back, relax and plan your vacation!

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