About Europe

CITIES: Istanbul(Turkey), Moscow(Russia), London(England), St.petersburg(Russia), Ankara(Turkey), Berlin(Germany), Madrid(Spain), Rome(Italy), Kiell(Ukrain), Paris(France), Vienna(Austria), Budpest(Hungry), Prague(Czech republic).
Wages: 5.90 pounds to 7.83 pounds
Scope: healthcare, human resurse, social media monitoring, finance, political affairs, information and communication technology, chartered account, tourism.

Student Visa

Europe has always been in the news for being one of the most scenic places. Not just its beauty is known to the world; its importance in the world is no less. The continent tends to be having a heavenly atmosphere, and the beautiful geography adds to its charm. Europe has also been famous for its education system and the quality of education it provides. Most of the oldest and famous universities are found at this place, which makes it the first choice of most students. For getting a student visa to Europe, many procedures are to be followed.

The requirements for applying for Student Visa in Europe

The primary requirements include,

  1. You need to have two visa application forms that should be fully filled with all your correct details. The print out of it should be taken out and signed at the end.
  2. Two identical passport size photographs are required of the recent times.
  3. You should possess a valid passport that has been issued within the last ten years of the journey to begin and should have at least three-month validity left after the end of the journey.
  4. A copy of the biometric data of the passport should be provided.
  5. If you are in possession of any previous passport, then it should be tied together but not stapled.
  6. A proof of your residence should be attached to the documents that have been provided by the government of the place that you are the original resident of.
  7. The traveler should have proper travel medical insurance.
  8. You should have an official and signed letter from the university that you are seeking your degree from. The letter should have the details of your course of study, the letter should have your name mentioned, and the length of the course should be mentioned.
  9. And most importantly, you should have the details of the paid visa fee.

Europe is said to be the home to countless foreign students. So if you want to be a part of it too, our experts can assist you with even the most complex visa procedures!

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