About Australia

Cities: Canberra, Addaide, Brisbane, Darwin, GoldCoast, Hobart, Cairns, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney.

Wages: $18.29
Scope: Agriculture, health and medical, legal IT profession ICT, consultancy, banking and finance, rail and maritime transport, mining, marketing and communication, automobile industry, biotechnology, dairy farming, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunication.

Permanent Residency

Many people around the world are looking for migrating options to Australia to experience better multiculturalism. Australia is known widely for its inclusivity, where the women are known for raising their strong voice for or against the various legal attributes.

Due to the largest growing economy and national diversity, many immigrants are planning on taking permanent residency in Australia. There is a small procedure to attain permanent resident certification. By acquiring permanent residency in Australia, you are open to a whole lot of social benefits.

Things that a permanent resident can do in Australia

Once you acquire permanent residency, you are eligible for most of the national benefits of the country. Some of them are:

  • You are open to almost all types of social benefits that every Australian citizen is open to. You can seek health care coverage and other such benefits.
  • With permanent residency, you can start your studies or job here in Australia without any hesitation or legal questioning.
  • After fulfilling specific criteria, permanent residents can also apply for a permanent Australian citizenship.
  • You will be under Australian law and can avail every benefit that falls under the Australian rights for their citizens.

As you are taking the permanent residency, you will also need to pay all types of taxes as per the laws of Australia at all levels. As permanent residents, you are deprived of only one thing that is voting for political events.

How to acquire a Permanent Residency?

For acquiring the permanent resident card in Australia, you need to go through small steps. These steps include:

  • Make sure you are medically fit and can produce a certificate saying the same.
  • Check your eligibility for applying for permanent residency.
  • Get a criminal record clearance as you might need to submit it while filling the form.
  • Submit Expression of Interest and wait for acceptance. It might take up to 60 days for acceptance of your EOI.
  • Now, you can go ahead and fill the permanent residency form or VISA application.
  • Make the payment for the application submission confirmation.
  • You will be called for an interview with the representatives of Australia for final immigration procedures.

In case you don’t want to get caught up in all the paperwork and legwork make sure to give our experts a call anytime!

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