About Australia

Cities: Canberra, Addaide, Brisbane, Darwin, GoldCoast, Hobart, Cairns, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney.

Wages: $18.29
Scope: Agriculture, health and medical, legal IT profession ICT, consultancy, banking and finance, rail and maritime transport, mining, marketing and communication, automobile industry, biotechnology, dairy farming, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunication.

Student Visa

Due to the high-class education system in Australia, numerous students come to Australia to pursue their studies.Australian education is acclaimed as the best across the world, with some of the top universities across the globe.

For being able to study in Australia, the students need to acquire the student Visa to apply for studying in top universities of Australia. Firstly you need to get an idea about the college or university you want to study in and then head forward to complete the formalities.

Some of the cases where you do not need Student Visa for studying in Australia

  • If any of the Australian representatives is your family member who is licensed under the Trade & Development Australia and Foreign Affairs department, then you do not need a student visa.
  • If you are enrolling in a study program or course that lasts less than or equal to six months, you do not need to do the formalities of acquiring a student visa.
  • If you are a member of foreign armed forces verified by the Visiting authorities Act, you do not have to apply for a student visa.

What are the steps to attain a student visa in Australia

Here are the following steps that will help you achieve a student visa at ease:

  • Go to the official website where you can apply for a student visa before you plan on visiting Australia.
  • If your country has minimal access to the internet, then you are liable to apply for Visa on paper.
  • Get an acceptance approval letter from the institution that will be recognized by the government of Australia.
  • Get in touch with the Australian Authorities entitled to handling immigration.
  • You need to provide financial proof, that you will be able to afford the studies while in Australia. The expenses include living and tuition expenditures.
  • Keep all the essential documents ready such as passport, CoE, and Id documents.
  • You must not hold any criminal record and also provide a medical certificate ensuring you are medically fit.

The student visa will last only till 60 days after your study tenure is over. If you wish to renew,then there is a separate procedure. There are also different procedures, if you want to continue your higher studies here as well.So chat with our experts or give them a call today for more info!

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