About New Zealand

CITIES: Aukland, Christ Church, Nelson, Tauranga, Hamilton, Napir, Palnerston North, Duwdin, Wellington, Rotorva, Hastings, Queentown, True Cargil

Wages: $13.20 to $16.50
Scope: factory worker-Retread factory, clinical codes, agriculture and forestry, construction, education, engineers, finance, health and social services, ITC and electronics, hospitality and tourism, oil and gas.

Visitor Visa

The exotic locales and unique culture of New Zealand are worth paying a visit once in a lifetime. The spectacular views and creative environments inspire many families to plan a trip to New Zealand. But, if you want to explore the exciting and adventurous activities in New Zealand, you would require a Visitor Visa.

The Need for Visitor Visa

You will need a New Zealand Visitor Visa in the following situations:

  1. When you visit New Zealand with your friends and family.
  2. When you travel to New Zealand to avail of some medical treatments.
  3. When you visit New Zealand for sporting or adventurous activities.
  4. When you want to spend a short vacation in New Zealand.
  5. When you want to pursue any short course with a maximum duration of three months.

Types of Visitor Visa for New Zealand

1. Group Visitor Visa

When you are planning for a group trip to New Zealand and all your group members have the same purpose of visit and the same travel arrangements, you can apply for the group visit visa.

2. Working Holiday Visa

Working holiday visas are meant for the young people of different countries and are valid for up to 12 months.

3. ETAs

Without having to go to the embassy, you can apply online and avail of the travel visa electronically.

The Application Process of Visitor Visa

In order to apply for a Visitor Visa New Zealand, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Find out whether you require a Visitor Visa.
  • Choose the means of applying for Visitor Visa – online or offline means.
  • Gather all the essential documents for the application.
  • Prove your identity, good character, and good health.
  • Apply for Visitor Visa.
  • On successful approval of the visa application, receive the Visitor Visa.

It can be quite a lengthy process which is both complex as well as time consuming. So the easiest way to get a visitor visa to New Zealand is by letting the experts at Global Resettlement Opportunities take care of everything!

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