About Canada

Cities: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver, Whistler Quebee, Ottava, Canadian Rockies, YukonNova Scotia and Halifax.

Wages: $10.96 to $ 14
Scope:Good producing sector, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas construction, manufacturing, services-producing sector, professional scientific and technical services, educational services, health care and social assistance.

Permanent Residency

Canada has been a favorite country where peopleshift for better career opportunities and even higher studies. The flexible policies and the ample career and job opportunities available in Canada attract most people to immigrate and settle there. Whether you are looking to work in Canada temporarily or permanently settle in Canada, you would require to applyfor the permanent residency of the country.

Canada Permanent Resident Card

Your Canada Permanent Resident Card will act as proof of you being a permanent resident of the country. By fulfilling all the eligibility requirements, you can easily avail of the Canada PR card. When the PR card gets stolen, lost, destroyed, or expires, you can simply replace the PR card or renew it.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

By acquiring the permanent residency in Canada, you can avail the following benefits:

  • You will be eligible to study, work, or live anywhere in Canada.
  • Like Canadian Citizens, having permanent residency will offer you the right to get the maximum social benefits, including child education, healthcare coverage, financial assistance, pension scheme, and more.
  • You will be eligible to avail protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Canadian law.
  • You can apply for citizenship in Canada.

Canada Permanent Residency Application

The process of acquiring the Canada Permanent Residency is as follows:

  1. In order to apply for permanent residency, you need to conduct a self-assessment and see whether you meet all the eligibility criteria.
  2. On fulfilling the criteria, you need to express entry online.
  3. On securing a high CRS score, you will receive an Invitation to Apply after being selected from the pool of applicants.
  4. Within 60 days of receiving the ITA, you need to submit all the documents along with the requisite information and fees.
  5. On successful completion of the above steps, you will receive a permanent residency visa in Canada.

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