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Cites: LasVegas, San Francisco, California, Chicago, NewYork, Washington, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sedona, Baston, Miami, Florida, Michigan, Texas

Wages: $11.53 to $19.33

Scope: supply chain, production, industrial engineering, operator research analysis, manufacturing engineering, quality insurance engineering, SAP

For people planning to settle abroad, the USA is one of the highly preferred countries. The fascinating lifestyle, culture, and interesting places to explore attract people to visit the USA again and again.

You can either avail single entry visas or multiple entry visas to travel to the United States and explore its beauty. A multiple entry visa enables the holder of the visa to enter the US multiple numbers of times within a definite time frame. If you want to travel to the US and return to your home country and again travel to the US after some interval, multiple entry visa is the best option for you.

The Documents Required for Multiple Visa Entry

If you want to apply for multiple entry visas, you will require the following documents:

  • Spouse should be above 18 years
  • Both must be legally married
  • In case the marriage was in Canada they will have to provide a marriage certificate
  • Medically fit
  • No record of any criminal offense

For dependent children

If you have a childand would wish to sponsor him/her hereare the few things that you must consider

  • A valid passport.
  • Copies of the first and the last page of your passport.
  • Recent passport size photographs.
  • Visa application form filled under the guidance of visa expert.
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Cover letter with all the details of travel, including purpose, stay duration, etc.

The Application Process of Multiple Entry Visa

In order to apply for multiple entry visas, there are various steps to follow. The application process includes:

  • Complete the online visa application process.
  • Schedule an interview.
  • Prepare for the interview.
  • Collect all the required documents.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Collect your multiple entry visa on qualifying the interview.

With a multiple entry visa, you can enter the United States any number of times, whether for job purpose or business or simply for tourism. But the multiple visa entries are only valid up to a certain time period. Even though you can travel to the USA numerous times within that period, exceeding the total number of entries allowed is not acceptable.

With appropriate knowledge of eligibility requirements and with the help of our professionals at Global Resettlement Opportunities, you can easily avail of the multiple entry visa.

Green Card

The unique history, breathtaking scenic views, and the quality of life in the United States attract more and more people to settle down there. The ample growth opportunities for the working professionals add to the quest for living and working in the beautiful USA.
If you are planning to immigrate to the United States, you will definitely require a Green Card. The Green Card offers you the permanent residency of the United States and enables you to live and work freely in the USA. If you are dreaming of living in the USA, apply for a Green Card and look forward to experience a new way of life.

The Different Ways to Get Green Card

You can easily avail of a Green Card and lead the life of your dreams through any of the following ways. The different categories to get a Green Card include:

  • Through family.
  • Through employment.
  • As a refugee or asylee status.
  • Through special immigrant.
  • As human trafficking or crime victim.

The Eligibility Criteria of Different Categories

To get a Green Card, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria of any of the following categories. The criteria include:

1. Through Family


  • If your spouse is a US citizen.
  • If you are a parent of 21 years old citizen.
  • If you are an unmarried child of a US citizen and under 21 years.
  • If there is a US citizen in your family.
  • If your family member is a lawful permanent resident of the US.

2. Through Employment

  • If you are an immigrant worker of first, second, or third preference

3. Through Refugee or Asylee Status

  • If you were admitted as a refugee or granted asylee status at least one year ago.

4. Through special immigrant

  • If you are a special immigrant, a religious worker, an international broadcaster, or an employee or family member of an international organization or NATO.

5. As human trafficking or crime victim

  • If you are a victim of abuse.

Getting a green card can involve quite a bit of paperwork and legwork. But don’t worry, as long as our experts are here, you won’t have to waste a minute of your precious time filling up unnecessary forms! Visit our website for more info!

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